The current market is full of toxic substances, harmful to health and to the environment. At Nortem Biotechnology, we take a proactive attitude and our aim is to manufacture natural products using natural and biodegradable substances.  Nortem Biotechnology mission is to offer quality and to surpass our clients` expectations offering natural and efficient products for different uses and applications.

Committed to health

To be healthy and natural is in our DNA. Our different brands are an excellent choice for those who look for natural products, without additives or transgenic ingredients.

Aiming for natural

At Nortem Biotechnology we work everyday to create innovative and sustainable products, using natural substances to create a positive impact on our customer’s life.

Environment allies

We are very concerned about offering natural and high-quality products to our clients, and we are characterised by a productive model based on innovation and the optimum use of energy and raw materials, always prioritising those renewable.

No tested on animals

Besides our commitment to the preservation of the environment, Nortem Biotechnology values socially responsible behaviour and commits to the wellbeing of all living things utilising natural products not tested on animals.


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